Corinne’s love for all living things was evident from a very young age. Originally from Tucson, AZ, Corinne moved to Austin in 2008 and landed her first real job in the veterinary field working as a kennel technician. She quickly moved up at her private practice and then moved to Conroe in 2012 where she worked at BluePearl in Spring, TX in Critical Care and Neurology while obtaining her bachelors from Rice University. You can always find her with her head in a textbook, veterinary journal, or other educational article striving to learn more and educate herself. Her true passion is for anesthesia, critical and neuro anesthesia in particular.

Outside of the office, Corinne loves being outdoors as much as possible. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend at the motocross track, gardening, pampering her chickens, goats and cows, and cuddling with her 4 pitbulls and toy poodle. Her sphynx cat, Erwin Schrödinger usually tops off the dog pile.